Yii 1.1: ewideimage

An repackaged version of WideImage

EWideImage is simply a version of WideImage slightly modified to work more closely with Yii.


Version 0.0.2: - WideImage.php and WideImage class changed to EWideImage.php and EWideImage. - Doesn't need to be in any specific directory now, creates it's own alias. - All exceptions derive from CException now.


  • PHP 5.2+
  • GD2 extension


Install under your extensions directory. And include it.


Then use it:

EWideImage::load('big.png')->resize(50, 30)->saveToFile('small.jpg');
EWideImage::load('pic.jpg')->crop('center', 'center', 90, 50)->output('png');


WideImage Project Home

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coderanonymous at 2016/08/02 04:42pm
Way to get tmp file location

Is there a way to save the image in tmp folder and get the location? or edit the copyright properties of the image from the extension itself?

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yiqing95 at 2011/10/31 11:41am
seems should keep it is , no need to wrapper it

actually i v used it in yii some times ago! just copy the wideimage dir to protected/vendors dir. then :

WideImage::load('big.png')->resize(50, 30)->saveToFile('small.jpg');

you do to many useless things ! :)

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