Yii 1.1: elipsum

Get dummy text for your projects

This extension outputs lipsum text for use as placeholder to mimic real text, but without any meaning to not distract viewer.


Extract file to components or extensions and then assign it enywhere, where some text would go.

// This will output 2 different lipsum paragraphs, each into different tab
$this->widget('CJuiTabs', array(
     'tabs' => array(
          'Privacy' => new ELipsum,
          'Other' => new ELipsum,

Or just to use it directly in views, simply echo it

echo new ELipsum


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yasen at 2012/12/02 06:53am

On line 23 of ELipsum.php


should be


Edit: Here's how to genere Lorem Ipsum on other languages too http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/426/multilanguage-lorem-ipsum-text-generator/

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pmaselkowski at 2012/11/22 01:27pm
Re: Assign lipsum text to single variable

The idea of __toString() is to not call it directly, you can just do echo new ELipsum

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karmraj at 2012/08/03 08:38am
Assign lipsum text to single variable

You can get lipsum text by following syntex:

$test = new ELipsum; print $test->__toString().''; print $test->__toString().''; print $test->__toString();

You can get different different paragraphs.

Note: I have put this file in component folder.


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