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Yii 1.1: decimali18nbehavior

Behavior to convert DECIMAL columns in ActiveRecords to locale specific format

This is a behavior for CActiveRecords which converts DECIMALs between DB and locale specific display format.


Should work with any 1.1.x version. Not tested with 1.0.x.


When this behavior is attached to a model, all DECIMAL columns will be formatted with the Yii::app()->numberFormatter component. By default, the default decimal format for the current locale will be used (CNumberFormatter::formatDecimal).


Like all behaviors this extension has to be configured in the behaviors() method of a model:

public function behaviors()
    return array(

The complete list of configuration options is:

  • format - If not set, the default decimal format is used. If set to a format string, this string is supplied for CNumberFormat::format. If set to db the number of decimals will be read from DB. So a DECIMAL(10,4) will be displayed with 4 decimals.
  • formats - Can be an Array of additional name/format pairs, to supply formats per attribute. If not set, format will be used instead.
  • parseExpression - If set, this expression will be used to convert a formatted number back to DB format. $value will contain the formatted attribute value. For example to convert 1,234 into 1.234 the expression can be set to strtr($value,",",".")


Here's another configuration example for this behavior:

public function behaviors()
    return array(
            'format'=>'db',  // use DB format by default
            'formats'=> array(
                'someCol'=>'#0.0', // specific format for someCol
            'parseExpression'=> "strtr(\$value, ',' , '.' )",



  • 1.0.0 - initial release

Total 3 comments

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Juan David Rodriguez at 2012/07/03 11:03am

I have problems with parseExpresion does not work, always placing a "," Put the symbol that puts you help ... I apologize for my English ...

#5597 report it
Tyr84 at 2011/10/23 06:59pm
Very nice

I wrote formaters for decimal numbers and date in my SuperModel.

But i like that way much more !

#3982 report it
at 2011/05/24 08:51pm
Thanks You Very Much.

This is I need. I Will try and use this extension. thanks.

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