Yii 1.1: ckkceditor

WYSIWYG textarea using CMS ckEditor + kcFinder in one extension

Fixed an old ckEditor extension and I added a File Browser to Upload and insert images on any given path. Great for CMS.


Yii 1.1 or above)...


    "model"=>$model,                # Data-Model
    "attribute"=>'descripcion',         # Attribute in the Data-Model


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Crafter at 2013/09/26 03:16am
Add id to element

To add an id attribute to the generated textarea element. in the file ckeditor_php5.php (or ckeditor_php4.php), change the line :

$out = "<textarea name=\"" . $name . "\"" . $attr . ">" . htmlspecialchars($value) . "</textarea>\n";


$element_id = str_replace("[", "_", $name);
   $element_id = str_replace("]", "", $element_id);
   $out = "<textarea name=\"" . $name . "\" id=\"" . $element_id . "\" " . $attr . ">" . htmlspecialchars($value) . "</textarea>\n";
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fouss at 2013/05/31 07:46am

I find how to insert my own made plugin.. Is there any way to d that?

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Thanasis Fotis at 2012/11/20 03:38pm
KCFinder with CDbHttpSession

I wrote a how-to about syncing the sessions between Yii and KCFinder when using CDbHttpSession

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huanito at 2012/06/14 09:04pm
in reply to #8604

TL;DR: its on github now, see Here

and also click on the link above that says project page...

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WebDevPT at 2012/06/14 02:53am
download missing?

erm what happened to this extension?

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Temir at 2012/03/24 02:27am
yiiframework.com comment editor

I wonder if yii developers who used this editor below on commenting field could share it with us as an extension )

meanwhile, this extension works great except that file browser works only when updating and not when creating post.. so this part:


i changed to this:


and now it works fine

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barbidurable at 2012/03/10 12:02pm
fire only kcfinder

Hi, is there a way to fire only kcfinder with a button to pick an image and populate a form field by example? Is somebody using this possibility ?

thanks in advance.

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hrrkii at 2012/02/14 10:52am
Basic Toolbar

For anyone trying to figure out how to use the "Basic" toolbar set, add this to your config:

'config' => array('toolbar' => 'Basic'),
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Vedran at 2011/11/07 06:20pm
@yiqing95 KCFinder with CDbHttpSession

I am also thinking about the same solution. I think this might solve the problem. I'll try your advise and post about it here. thanks.

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yiqing95 at 2011/11/07 04:50am
@Vedran session problem ! when use another session saving strategy,may meet some problem

may be i found the solution ,but haven't tried it : please read this doc carefully : http://kcfinder.sunhater.com/docs/integrate

in the kcfinder-2.51\core dir there is a autoload.php file. you should implements your own's SessionSaveHandler , this should be same logic with the yii's CDbHttpSession , so you should read the yii's session table and operate it from the SessionSaveHandler class these two class share the same table , yes may be this is the key!! but i haven't tried it . hope it help you!

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Vedran at 2011/11/06 05:00am
KCFinder with CDbHttpSession

I'm wondering how to use KCFinder with CDbHttpSession?

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marcovtwout at 2011/06/09 03:44am
Re: License

Probably because CKeditor uses GPL/LGPL, see: http://ckeditor.com/license

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Backslider at 2011/05/21 02:07am

Why is this licensed under GPL?? Yii is licensed BSD and anything like this should be also.

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Mariaczi+PL at 2011/04/19 08:24am
When update - content doesn't loading


Editor is ok, but when I getting UPDATE action, content which should be in editor area, isn't there... why? how to fix this?

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mikeax at 2011/03/31 08:15pm
Trouble displaying editor

I'm sure i am missing something simple but i cannot get editor to display. Elements are created and JS loaded but editor does not display.

I am trying a simple test

        "model"=>Person::model()->findByPk(2),                # Data-Model
        "attribute"=>'last_name',         # Attribute in the Data-Model
        'toolbar' => array(
            array('Maximize', 'ShowBlocks','-','About')
    ) ));

One thing i find suspicious is that the text area created does not contain an id attribute

<textarea cols="60" rows="8" name="Person[last_name]" style="display: none;">Nguyen</textarea>
<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
CKEDITOR.replace('Person[last_name]', { "height": "400px", "width": "100%", "toolbar": [ [ "Link", "Unlink", "Anchor" ], [ "Styles", "Format", "Font", "FontSize" ], [ "TextColor", "BGColor" ], [ "Maximize", "ShowBlocks", "-", "About" ] ] });

What am i missing? Any thoughts?

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idrozd at 2011/03/27 10:33pm
Troubles With thaccess, kcfinder breaks site

KCfinder puts htaccess which turns off PHP 8(( Can't understand why does it put it in wrong folder

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xalakox at 2011/03/25 06:30pm
Bugs Fixed

I have fixed the bugs pointed out and switched to github; you can download from there.

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Sarke at 2011/03/11 06:44am
Customizing toolbars

To customize the toolbar, you must use PHP arrays and not a string containing JavaScript arrays. Like so:

'config' => array(
    'toolbar' => array(
        array('BidiLtr', 'BidiRtl' ),
        array('Maximize', 'ShowBlocks','-','About')

Also, don't for get the bug mentioned by huanito and undsoft.

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undsoft at 2011/03/10 02:14pm
Config problem.

To make config work, change:

line 81 from: $oCKeditor->Config[$key] = $value; to $oCKeditor->config[$key] = $value;

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rebus at 2011/03/04 12:35pm

Toolbar Config not work.

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