We have completed the milestone 1. Let's summarize what we have done so far:

  1. We identified the requirements to be fulfilled;
  2. We installed the Yii framework;
  3. We created a skeleton application;
  4. We designed and created the blog database;
  5. We modified the application configuration by adding the database connection;
  6. We generated the code that implements the basic CRUD operations for both posts and comments;
  7. We modified the authentication method to check against the tbl_user table.

For a new project, most of the time will be spent in step 1 and 4 for this first milestone.

Although the code generated by the gii tool implements fully functional CRUD operations for a database table, it often needs to be modified in practical applications. For this reason, in the next two milestone, our job is to customize the generated CRUD code about posts and comments so that it reaches our initial requirements.

In general, we first modify the model class file by adding appropriate validation rules and declaring relational objects. We then modify the controller action and view code for each individual CRUD operation.

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Boaz at 2011/05/12 04:05am
no "manage" or "delete" capability at this stage

Its important to note that at this stage the operations of "Manage" or "delete" that are accessible when surfing your blog demo with the url of ".../index.php?r=post" (Manage Post link on the right), are not usable - you'll get 403 (authorization required) error when trying those operations. Only in next chapters this is tweaked to enable that functionality.

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