Yii Book The first Yii book is titled "Web Application Development with Yii and PHP". It is an introductory book describing how to use Yii to develop a real world project. Check this out if you want to quickly master Yii.

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Second Yii book titled "Yii Application Development Cookbook" is a recipe book that contains 13 independent chapters full of useful recipes covering most interesting Yii parts. If you are a developer with a good knowledge of PHP5, are familiar with the basics of Yii, and have tried to develop applications using Yii, then this book is for you.

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The third book on the Yii framework is titled, simply enough, "The Yii Book". Written by Larry Ullman, author of the popular "Learning the Yii Framework" blog series, this book explains the most important features and concepts in the Yii framework, using practical, real-world examples.

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If you are new to Yii, you will likely want to start with these tutorials. They cover installation, fundamental concepts, and demonstrate how to build an entire database-driven Web application using Yii.

Class Reference

Once you are in the middle of developing a Yii application, you will become very familiar with the class reference. It contains the most accurate details about properties, methods and events of every class in the Yii framework.

Wiki Articles

Wiki articles are collaboratively written by Yii enthusiasts. You may find solutions to your specific Yii development tasks or problems among these articles.

Other Resources

In addition to the above documentation, there are several other resources contributed by active members in the Yii community that you may find useful.