The Definitive Guide to Yii 2.0

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Base concepts

  • Basic Concepts - The Object and Component class, Path aliases and autoloading
  • Configuration - Configuration of a Yii application
  • MVC - Implementation of MVC in Yii and a typical MVC application flow
  • Model - The Yii Model provides Attributes, Scenarios and data Validation
  • View - Rendering Views applying layouts, using Widgets and asset management
  • Controller - controller actions, routing and action filters
  • Event Handling - The Yii event handling mechanism
  • Behaviors


  • Basics - Connecting to a database, basic queries, transactions and schema manipulation
  • Query Builder - Querying the database using a simple abstraction layer
  • ActiveRecord - The active record ORM, retrieving and manipulating records and defining relations
  • Database Migration - Versioning your database with database migration

Developers Toolbox

Extensions and 3rd party libraries

Security and access control

Data providers, lists and grids

Advanced Topics