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How to add more information to Yii::app()->user
By default, the expression Yii::app()->user returns a [CWebUser] [application
which can be used to store information that are closely related with the current
user and should be persistent throughout the current user session. [CWebUser]
already comes with a [name|CWebUser::name] property that stores the username of
the current user.

In order to store more information, we need to modify the
[identity|IUserIdentity] class used together with [CWebUser]. Each application
may have one or several identity classes which are mainly responsible to provide
ways of performing user

Here we use the `UserIdentity` class included in the `testdrive` application as
an example, assuming our goal is to add the ID and the last login time of the
user to [CWebUser]. We would modify `UserIdentity` as follows,

class UserIdentity extends CUserIdentity
	private $_id;
	public function authenticate()
		else if($user->password!==md5($this->password))
		return !$this->errorCode;
	public function getId()
		return $this->_id;
	public function getLastLoginTime()
		return $this->getState('lastLoginTime');
	public function setLastLoginTime($value)
		return $this->setState('lastLoginTime',$value);

In the above we define a `lastLoginTime` property with getter/setter methods. We
also override the `getId()` method to return a private variable. The reason that
the `id` property is not defined like `lastLoginTime` is because `id` is a
pre-defined property in [CUserIdentity] and is recognized by [CWebUser]. If we
need to add more information, we should follow the way of defining

In the `authenticate()` method, we retrieve the user record according to the
provided username. We populate the `id` and `lastLoginTime` properties if we
find such a user record whose password matches the provided password (meaning
successful authentication).

That's all we need. Now if we want to retrieve the `id` or `lastLoginTime`
information in our code, we can do the following:

// starting from 1.0.3 you can use the following:
// $lastLoginTime=Yii::app()->user->lastLoginTime;

> Note: When cookie-based authentication is enabled (by setting
[CWebUser::allowAutoLogin] to be true), these persistent information will be
stored in cookie. Therefore, you should NOT store sensitive information (e.g.
password) like we do in the above.