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Turn Web HTML Into Newsletter
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This how to includes
- Creation of a newsletter command line script.
- Parsing a web page and turning its CSS into inline one via [MailChimp API
inlineCss() function](http://apidocs.mailchimp.com/api/rtfm/inlinecss.func.php
- Setting up a cron to send the newsletter monthly.

These newsletters have always been hard to create as regular web HTML is not
properly read by web email interfaces and email clients. I thought that the
simplest solution would be to use a web page that would serve as a web version
of the newsletter and turn it somehow into newsletter HTML.

The newsletter will be sent via cron that would run on every 1st day of the
month and sent mail with the products of the previous month. 

Creation of a newsletter command line script
1. Register a free account at [http://mailchimp.com/](http://mailchimp.com/
"") and Create an API key
2. Download their PHP API wrapper from
and put MCAPI.class.php as MCAPI.php in protected/extensions/
3. Create protected/commands/NewsletterCommand.php 
class NewsletterCommand extends CConsoleCommand{
	public function run($args){

		// fetch css files content and combine it
		$cssFiles = array('/css/screen.css','/css/style.css','/css/layout.css');
		$cssFilesContent = '';
		foreach($cssFiles as $file)
			$cssFilesContent .= file_get_contents(HOST_URL.$file);
		$cssFilesContent =
		$mcapi = new MCAPI(MAILCHIMP_API_KEY);
		$date = new DateTime();
		$date->modify('-1 month');
		// fetch the HTML from http://my-cool-yii-site.com/2013-01/
		$url = HOST_URL.$date->format('Y-m').'/';
		// replace relative paths with absolute
		foreach(array('assets','images') as $dir)
			$productsHtml =
		foreach(array('css') as $dir)
			$productsHtml =
		// add all the CSS on top of the HTML
		$productsHtml =
		$productsHtml = $mcapi->inlineCss($productsHtml,true);
		// this email class is custom extended from phpmailer
		// add link to web version on top of the email
		Email::send($emailRecipients, 'Newsletter title', '<div
align="center">If you cannot view this email properly, please open
the <a href="'.$url.'">online

Setting up a cron to send the newsletter monthly
Finally set up cron to run on the 1st day of each month

Minute	Hour	Day	Month	Weekday	Command

0	0	1	*	*	/home/agroofer/public_html/protected/yiic newsletter

Final words
It would be good to add a link at the bottom letting users unsubscribe, for
If you want to unsubscribe, please login into <?php echo CHtml::link('your
profile',HOST_URL.'site/login/');?> and change the notification settings.
Another way to turn web HTML into newsletter one is manually through [The
MailChimp CSS Inliner Tool.](http://beaker.mailchimp.com/inline-css
"") Hope this solution will work for you as well. Please share any
comments or suggestions. If you have any questions please direct them to the Yii
Forum. Happy coding.

Update: Worth also looking at
InlineStyle provides an easy way to apply embedded and external stylesheets
directly as inline styles on the HTML tags. This is especially targetted at mail
clients which mostly dont support stylesheets but do support the style attribute
for HTML tags.