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A simple go back button widget
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We all know that widgets are really useful. We can use the almost everywhere we
want, and we can use the same code a lot of times ( Almost OOP ).

In this case we are going to create a really useful and simple widget. A GoBack

Why a widget ? Simple, we can extend the variables and make it as complex as we
want, but will not be this case ;). We are going to pass just 1 variable if we
need it.

Under your ext folder or widget folder ( mine under **protected/ext/data** )
create the following widget:


class EBackButtonWidget extends CWidget {

    public $width = "150px";
    public function run() {

        echo CHtml::button('Back', array(
            'name' => 'btnBack',
            'class' => 'uibutton loading confirm',
            'style' => 'width:'.$this->width.';',
            'onclick' => "history.go(-1)",



Where: <br/> 

1. Back is the text that the button will show. <br/>
2. name will be the name of the button  <br/> 
3. class just in case that you want to do it pretty :).
4. styles that you want to use. In my case I will change the width.
5. onclick will execute our JS. In this case to go back 1 page.

To call this widget we simple:

    'width' => "100%",

Where :<br>
1. application.ext.data.EBackButtonWidget is the path to our widget.<br>
2. width will be the width param that we give to the

And that1. application.ext.data.EBackButtonWidget is
it !!
<br>the path to our widget.
2. width will be the width param that we give to the widget.

And that is it !!

Here's a very readable link in spanish to the original [tutorial][original].
[original]: http://www.cristiantala.cl/crear-un-widget-en-yii-boton-volver/