Difference between #3 and #2 of How to show ajax delete status in CGridView like flash messages

How to show ajax delete status in CGridView like flash messages
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I've seen many tickets regarding how to show friendly delete confirmation using
CGridView's CButtonColumn in ajax request. If you are using relational database,
after producing CRUD functionality when you try to delete a record in ajax mode
which has child record it can't be deleted and you can see the ajax loader
forever. By this way you can't show the users if a record has been successfully
deleted or if there are some problem in flash style (setFlash() / getFlash())

Many of you tried using the CGridView's afterAjaxUpdate property and was unable
to make it work. If you look deeper:

when you click the delete button at first it performs the delete operation in
the controller then it refreshes the grid using another request.
'afterAjaxUpdate' fires just after refreshing so you can't see any message just
after the first delete operation.

Now I'll show you how you can achieve this functionality.

The main tricks lieslays under CButtonColumn properties.
There is a property called afterDelete which will fire a function just after the
deleting operation. We will use ajax polling request to display the deletion
status. So, In the controller file just echo the message with your flash message
css display style and for non ajax request set the Flash message using

    Yii::app()->user->setFlash('deleteStatus','Deleted Successfully');
    echo "<div class='flash-success'>Deleted
Successfully</div>"; //for ajax
}catch(CDbException $e){
    Yii::app()->user->setFlash('deleteStatus','error message');
    echo "<div class='flash-error'>error message</div>";
//for ajax
// if AJAX request (triggered by deletion via admin grid view), we should not
redirect the browser
    $this->redirect(isset($_POST['returnUrl']) ? $_POST['returnUrl'] :

And in your view, show the echoed message in the statusMsg place holder using
data variable.

<span id='statusMsg'></span>
<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
            'afterDelete'=>'function(link,success,data){ if(success)
$("#statusMsg").html(data); }',
)); ?>

Hope this will be helpful.