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Cómo enviar emails usando SMTP

Updated 3 years ago by robregonmHow-tos0 comments – viewed 11,003 times – ( +3 / -1 ) – version 2.0
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Displaying, Sorting and Filtering Model Relations on a GridView

Updated 3 years ago by Antonio RamirezHow-tos18 comments – viewed 175,313 times – ( +46 / -1 ) – version 2.0
One of the things you will find tricky to implement is the the sorting and filtering of a GridView's column that displays related model data.

How to use BootstrapInterface

Updated 3 years ago by Antonio RamirezHow-tos0 comments – viewed 9,991 times – ( +3 / -1 ) – version 2.0
Yii2 introduces the BootstrapInterface to ease our application initialization tasks, whether they are composer based or Application bootstrap (do not mistaken with Bootstrap CSS Framework) based tasks. On this article, I am going to explain how to use it on your Application bootstrap process.

Automatic Parameter Binding to POST vars in Yii2

Updated 3 years ago by YiiJekaHow-tos2 comments – viewed 14,595 times – ( -1 ) – version 2.0
I wrote about this on my blog, but wanted to post it here too.
tags: yii2, controllers

How to implement cron in Yii 2

Updated 3 years ago by hemcHow-tos10 comments – viewed 61,031 times – ( +11 / -1 ) – version 2.0
In advance template there is already a file yii. And there is no need to run it as php, it is Linux script.
tags: cron, yii2, console

Creating a Simple CRUD App With Yii2 (Revised 12/20/2013)

Updated 3 years ago by VivekTutorials7 comments – viewed 201,070 times – ( +10 / -11 ) – version 2.0
Creating a Simple CRUD App with Yii Framework 2 (Updated December 20th, 2013)
tags: yii2, tutorial, howto

MongoDb's embedded documents mapping for ActiveRecord in Yii2

Updated 3 years ago by CeBeHow-tos2 comments – viewed 15,445 times – ( +6 / -1 ) – version 2.0
You are working with MongoDb and you have embedded documents in your collection that you want to easily map in your Model for CRUD operations.

Auto-update denormalized attributes with MongoDb and Yii2

Updated 3 years ago by CeBeTips0 comments – viewed 10,050 times – ( +1 / -1 ) – version 2.0
You have different collections in MongoDb with de-normalized attributes. As you may know, due to its not-join nature, MongoDb tends to encourage repetition of the same value in different collections (de-normalization). In this MongoDb is opposed to a more SQL-like approach where you usually reference only the ID of the value with a foreign key.