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How to create a simple logout link in the view?

Updated 11 days ago by CeBeHow-tos0 comments – viewed 1,567 times – ( +1 / -3 ) – version 1.1
Here you learn to create and set a simple ahref-link to logout the current user.
tags: Logout, Link, user, URL, views

Installing Yii Users and Rights to Newly Created Yii app

Updated about a month ago by Rajith RTutorials25 comments – viewed 45,422 times – ( +17 / -2 ) – version 1.1
After creating an yii app . we need to implement permission, Authentication and Authorization .so the best way is to use the Yii users and Rights modules.

Add information to Yii::app()->user by extending CWebUser (better version)

Updated about a month ago by Anas AbuDayahTutorials4 comments – viewed 20,453 times – ( +5 ) – version 1.1
I found a better solution.
tags: Yii, user, rbac

BUM - Add Additional Info to a User

Updated 6 months ago by fireflyHow-tos1 comment – viewed 3,404 times
How to add additional information to a user when using BUM extension?

Yii User and Rights Implementation

Updated 9 months ago by Rajith RHow-tos4 comments – viewed 12,845 times – ( +4 )
implementing some features of yii user and rights.

Assigning dynamic roles to a user Using yii Rights module at the time of user creation and using some special advanced features of yii rights

Updated 9 months ago by Rajith RTips18 comments – viewed 21,985 times – ( +7 ) – version 1.1
After Installing Yii Users and Rights to Newly Created Yii app we have to assign dynamic roles to a user at the time of user creation .

model rules depended by user roles-permissions

Updated 10 months ago by KonApazHow-tos0 comments – viewed 4,545 times – ( +3 )
This is a reference about model validators and user roles. In many cases we want model validators to applied only for some privileged users or not

Disable login page if user is logged in

Updated 11 months ago by freezingbananaTutorials2 comments – viewed 10,795 times – ( +3 / -13 )
This is a very simple tutorial that demonstrates how to redirect user back to the returnUrl if he is already logged in.

Get notified about the status of a Facebook user in your web app using periodic Ajax calls.

Updated about a year ago by sirin kTips0 comments – viewed 4,532 times – ( +4 ) – version 1.1
hello, This article is helpful only if you have the following situation: A web app which uses facebook login to login its users and if a user is logged out from his/her facebook account through another browser tab, then your app dont know that he is logged out out or not from his facebook account and he/she will remain as logged in your web application.Its ok if you have no problem with this situation.But if you want to forcefully logout the user from your application if he is logged out from his facebook account means you can try this example.This example uses periodic ajax calls to facebook's graph api to check whether the user is logged in or not.
tags: facebook, user

Simple access control

Updated about a year ago by szfjozsefTutorials4 comments – viewed 25,811 times – ( +3 / -8 ) – version 1.1
For those who feel, the Controller->accessRules() or RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) is too complicated or doesn't want the username(s) to be hard-coded in accessRules(), here is a very simple, easy-to-implement solution.