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How to use Expression in default AccessControl to allow only the owner to do some action

Updated about a year ago by whatifHow-tos1 comment – viewed 13,072 times – ( +7 / -1 )
Hi Everyone

How to Setting Layouts in Yii

Updated about a year ago by ruderbytesHow-tos2 comments – viewed 34,012 times – ( +2 / -5 )
usually someone confused to make layouts in yii.

How to learn Yii?!

Updated about a year ago by yJeroenTutorials9 comments – viewed 60,692 times – ( +19 ) – version 1.1
Here is a step by step To-Do list for Yii beginners. The list is an advice of what tutorials and documentation you can walk through to get a full understanding of the Yii Framework. These can be a help to learn Yii.

Adding search to Yii blog example (using Zend Lucene)

Updated about a year ago by klammeraffeTutorials21 comments – viewed 55,863 times – ( +33 / -3 ) – version 1.1
For this tutorial I will add a search to the blog demo. The search would be based on Zend Lucene.

Additional form data with XUpload

Updated about a year ago by AsgarothHow-tos7 comments – viewed 23,826 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
In this article you'll learn how to send additional form data when uploading files using XUpload widget

XUpload Workflow

Updated about a year ago by AsgarothTutorials29 comments – viewed 44,651 times – ( +33 ) – version 1.1
This wiki describes a more complex workflow using the XUpload widget

Avoiding duplicate script download when using Ajax calls to render different Views

Updated about a year ago by Antonio RamirezTips5 comments – viewed 17,719 times – ( +12 / -1 ) – version 1.1
I had to partially render two types of views, depending on user selection. Wanted to display a GRID or a LIST style with an event that AJAX'ed new contents and update a layer with them.
tags: tutorial, AJAX, views

Create Yii Project In Cloud9

Updated about a year ago by BenTutorials5 comments – viewed 14,610 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a yii application using Cloud9. We will use a git workspace to enable version control and also show how to link the Cloud9 workspace to GitHub.

Our WebApp that will run without downtime during update/upgrade

Updated about a year ago by Maurizio Domba CerinTutorials3 comments – viewed 8,131 times – ( +8 / -2 ) – version 1.1
How many of us wonder how we can upgrade the website without hurting the operation of our WebApp?
tags: tutorial

MVC primer and 5 minute form walkthrough

Updated 2 years ago by rix.rix.Tutorials0 comments – viewed 15,068 times – ( +8 ) – version 1.1
This tutorial assumes some basic knowledge of Yii and a functional development environment.
tags: Forms, tutorial, mvc