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Handling Bootstrap active tabs in Yii via URL

Updated 7 months ago by JamesBarnsleyHow-tos17 comments – viewed 25,290 times – ( +7 ) – version 1.1
I ( found that when using the Yii Bootstrap tabs component you will sometimes want to direct the user to a specific tab and not necessarily the first tab. Yii Bootstrap already provides the "active" variable so you can define whether the tab is the active tab or not in PHP. I generally find though that a PHP solution to this problem is rather cumbersome as every tab component will need the PHP code inserted or you will have to extend the tab component somehow to do it.

CMenu widget like bootstrap navbar with submenu

Updated 7 months ago by kv4ntTutorials0 comments – viewed 6,212 times – version 1.1

Language Selector

Updated 8 months ago by Programmer ThailandTutorials1 comment – viewed 5,094 times – ( +1 ) – version 2.0
tags: i18n, language, select

Handling tabular data loading and validation in Yii 2

Updated 8 months ago by Said BakrTutorials6 comments – viewed 31,077 times – ( +44 / -6 ) – version 2.0
How do you read and handle tabular data submission via form in Yii framework 2.0? Sometimes we want to collect user input in a batch mode. That is, the user can enter the information for multiple model instances and submit them all at once. We call this tabular input because the input fields are often presented in an HTML table.

Relational Query - Lazy Loading and Eager Loading in Yii 1.1 / with and together

Updated 8 months ago by softarkTutorials11 comments – viewed 34,839 times – ( +17 ) – version 1.1
It's well known that there are Lazy Loading approach and Eager Loading approach in the relational query. But it's important to note that you should distinguish 2 different modes in the Eager Loading in Yii 1.1.x.

Drills : Search by a HAS_MANY relation in Yii 2.0

Updated 8 months ago by softarkTutorials4 comments – viewed 35,155 times – ( +19 ) – version 2.0
This article tries to describe the practical techniques of searching by a HAS_MANY relation using ActiveRecord of Yii 2.0.

How to use imagine ( crop, thumb, effects for images ) on Yii2

Updated 8 months ago by CozumelTutorials1 comment – viewed 31,637 times – ( +8 ) – version 2.0
Imagine adds most common image functions and also acts as a wrapper to Imagine image manipulation library.

Multi Data Provider

Updated 9 months ago by Sharon LavieTips0 comments – viewed 8,166 times – ( +1 ) – version 1.1
Lately, i needed to deal with the following scenario: read from two databases (db1,db2), and write to a third database (db3).

A simple widget - jump2link

Updated 9 months ago by Scott_HuangTutorials0 comments – viewed 5,633 times – version 2.0
Jump 2 Link

How to implement form events

Updated 9 months ago by deacsHow-tos4 comments – viewed 13,385 times – ( +6 ) – version 2.0
You have that, when a product is on development they can change its API anytime. This change is quite important though, its related on how to set the events of your form, for example, the useful beforeSubmit.
tags: yii2, forms, how to