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Clear CGridView Filters, Sort & Pager

Created 4 months ago by le_topHow-tos0 comments – viewed 3,953 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
Clearing CGridView filters and sort orders from the web pages, is usefull for the end user. Yii does not seem to propose a standard method. Furthermore, this is especially usefull when filters are "remembered" in the user's session.

How to pass the third parameter to UserIdentity on login authentication

Created 3 months ago by Rohit SutharHow-tos6 comments – viewed 6,520 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
In this wiki I will show how could wo pass the third parameter to UserIdentity on login authenticate. So we can do separate login authentcation from two or more different models from single login form.

Selecting best language based on Browser language and available languages.

Created about a month ago by le_topTips0 comments – viewed 1,885 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
Your application is international and you have to select the best language for the user. Your user may have selected 'fr_CA' and you have 'fr_FR' or 'fr' available. What do you do? Here is a tip.

Use kartik Growl with Yii2 flash messages

Created 17 days ago by skwordenHow-tos0 comments – viewed 1,418 times – ( +2 ) – version 2.0
This is to show you how to use Yii2 flash messages with Kartik Growl (bootstrap notify wrapper).

How to log context information to logger (session id, user, ...)

Created 5 years ago by olafureTutorials0 comments – viewed 13,276 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
Logging context information (session, user, ...) to the logfile can be of great help tracking down problems with specific users.
tags: Logging

How to display page on fancybox...using CHtml::ajaxlink with yii validation

Created about a year ago by Ankit ModiTutorials2 comments – viewed 9,157 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
1) include the fancybox extesion otherwise fancybox js

make chart from custome queries using amcharts widget

Created about a year ago by Narender NegiHow-tos0 comments – viewed 3,187 times – ( +2 )
Use this code in your view,make sure to put EAmChartWidget in your extension folder. here is the url of widget

Dynamic Tabular Inputs

Created about 15 hours ago by ezekielnoobTutorials1 comment – viewed 404 times – ( +2 ) – version all
On my experience in Yii IRC, once in a while there would be someone that asks about how to create pages that handles 1 main model and its submodel and saving the changes in a single click. i wrote the example application on top of Yii2's basic application template that you can download here (i suggest you also run the acceptance test to see it in action): Dynamic Tabular Form App

How to extend yiic shell commands

Created 5 years ago by qiangTutorials1 comment – viewed 20,851 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
Note: this tutorial requires Yii 1.0.8 or later.
tags: yiic

How to handle decimal separators (e.g comma instead of dot) for l18n

Created 3 years ago by jpabloHow-tos2 comments – viewed 12,744 times – ( +2 ) – version 1.1
Yii i18n does not cover decimal format. Some languages like Spanish (I live in Argentina) uses comma ',' instead of dot '.' as decimal separator.