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Multilanguage web site controlling by get request and database allowed languages

Updated 3 years ago by reiTutorials2 comments – viewed 17,235 times – ( +6 ) – version 1.1
First, you have to have create database table for default language and allowed languages.

Configuring CWebLogRoute for DB profiling

Updated 3 years ago by Igor IvanovicTutorials1 comment – viewed 16,606 times – ( +3 ) – version 1.1
/index.php /protected/config/main.php
tags: logger, profiler, db

Caching the config main.php

Updated 3 years ago by dckurushinTutorials11 comments – viewed 11,644 times – ( +4 / -2 ) – version 1.1
The config long array included every time, and it's not cached at all!

Using cache in CActiveDataProvider

Updated 3 years ago by StammTips7 comments – viewed 14,927 times – ( +20 ) – version 1.1
First param in CActiveDataProvider could be a string with model name or instance of class. So, you may use CActiveRecord::cache() for cache, but you need set third param to 2, because you should cache 2 queries: counting and get data.

Avoiding duplicate script download when using CActiveForm on Ajax calls

Updated 3 years ago by Maurizio Domba CerinTutorials2 comments – viewed 15,709 times – ( +12 / -1 ) – version 1.1
Sometimes the active form we wish to use to edit/add a new element on our database is too small and we believe that is much better to use an AJAX'ed dialog/slide form rather than reloading the page to just display one or two fields.

Customizing Yii's formatting rules (extending CFormatter)

Updated 3 years ago by HaenselTips0 comments – viewed 13,164 times – ( +14 ) – version 1.1
CFormatter is one of Yii's core components and used to format values displayed in widgets like CGridView or CDetailView. All classic formats like numbers, text, urls or datetime are supported but you may have to use a formatting rule that isn't built in. Let's say we want to display arrays of strings (like tags associated with a product model). When using CDetailView we would usually make use of PHPs implode function to create a simple string value of all values in the $product->tags array.

A simple action for CJuiAutoComplete

Updated 3 years ago by Thiago SouzaTips9 comments – viewed 28,881 times – ( +16 / -1 ) – version 1.1
More or less I use auto-complete field for a form. CJuiAutoComplete is a yii widget for this purposes. The common use case is to make an ajax request and retrieve a list from the database. So in this case you have to write a controller action to return you a json encoded list. What if I had a generic action to do this work for me?

Display a nice exception message on ajax requests

Updated 3 years ago by Maurizio Domba CerinTips3 comments – viewed 26,616 times – ( +13 ) – version 1.1
When an exception is thrown in our code like
tags: error, exception

How to use EzComponents in Yii

Updated 3 years ago by samdarkHow-tos0 comments – viewed 7,408 times – ( +5 ) – version 1.1
change your index.php

Run Yiic directly from your app without a shell

Updated 3 years ago by jacmoeHow-tos5 comments – viewed 21,328 times – ( +18 ) – version 1.1
Sometimes it would be nice if we could run yiic from an action, for example a migrate database button in our admin panel. Or because you are on a host which doesn't have shell access. Or maybe you are not allowed run popen or exec.