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Visualization tree-multi subcategories as listbox or dropdownlist

Updated 8 months ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz)How-tos4 comments – viewed 10,986 times – ( +4 ) – version 1.1
Do you want to make a listbox or dropdownlist to select one or more categories or sub categories ?

Managing your nested dropdown dependency with DepDrop widget

Updated 8 months ago by Kartik VTutorials5 comments – viewed 5,150 times – ( +30 / -5 ) – version 2.0
If you are coming over to Yii 2 from Yii 1.x, you may have already read this useful wiki for creating dependent dropdowns. You can use a similar approach in Yii 2 to do the same. But if you are looking at a prebuilt solution that helps you manage it easier, read along.

How to Reuse File Upload Code via Behavior

Updated 8 months ago by Ahamed RifaideenHow-tos0 comments – viewed 2,497 times – ( +1 ) – version 1.1
hello guys now i am going to show you how to Reuse File Upload Code across multiple projects.

How to store array/widget configuration to the database with config validation rules

Updated 8 months ago by Kartik VTutorials0 comments – viewed 2,754 times – ( +31 / -4 ) – version 2.0
You may have scenarios, where you want to store a specific array configuration to the database. A classic example could be saving Yii widget configuration to the database and then retrieving it at runtime, with dynamic parameters set. This wiki discusses one of the approaches to do this. Let's consider you have something like the NavBar configuration below to store in the db:

Special Validation Rule - Fill out a Field or another group of Fields

Updated 8 months ago by KabinenkofferHow-tos0 comments – viewed 1,915 times – ( +1 / -2 ) – version 1.1
If you have a form, you sometimes need special validation Rules not included in Yii. Here i share a special rule with you, i just wrote. Maybe you have the case, when a user needs to Fill ou Field A oder the Fields B, C and D.

Relational Query - Lazy Loading and Eager Loading / with and together

Updated 8 months ago by softarkTutorials10 comments – viewed 20,420 times – ( +14 ) – version 1.1
It's well known that there are Lazy Loading approach and Eager Loading approach in the relational query. But it's important to note that you should distinguish 2 different modes in the Eager Loading in Yii 1.1.x.

Managing a star rating with the StarRating widget in Yii 2

Updated 8 months ago by Kartik VHow-tos4 comments – viewed 3,235 times – ( +31 / -5 ) – version 2.0
In Yii 1.x, there was a built in widget CStarRating based on the jquery star rating plugin. There exists no prebuilt solution in Yii2, however the same concepts can be extended using any jquery plugin.

Using your own forked version of extensions with composer

Updated 8 months ago by Kartik VTutorials1 comment – viewed 2,038 times – ( +33 / -4 ) – version 2.0
So you want to use a fork of any existing vendor extension with your Yii 2 install and use the fork, instead of original source. This does not need you to push any update or register your package on You are recommended to follow the approach below:

Install specific Yii2 vendor extension & dependency without updating other packages.

Updated 8 months ago by Kartik VTips0 comments – viewed 2,966 times – ( +32 / -5 ) – version 2.0
The tips here are for advanced usages of composer and its assumed you have read about using composer and have a knowledge of your vendor packages to be updated. Let's consider, you want to update only one specific yii2 vendor library, without updating all the other extension packages?

Locking your Yii 2 project package versions with composer.lock

Updated 8 months ago by Kartik VTips0 comments – viewed 1,760 times – ( +30 / -4 ) – version 2.0
Ok, you have installed a Yii 2 basic or advanced app for the first time and completed the post install steps. You have picked up a few extensions to install for the first time as well. You would already see a composer.lock file in your application root folder.