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How to upload image(photo), and path entry in database with update functionality

Updated 11 months ago by ShahcheragheanTips16 comments – viewed 97,361 times – ( +35 / -3 ) – version 1.1
I saw many posts that community newbie is confuse in image/photo upload with random name. so I post this topic covering all useful things regarding to image/photo upload(not covering image attribute related functionality)

Multi Data Provider

Updated about a year ago by Sharon LavieTips0 comments – viewed 5,621 times – ( +1 )
Lately, i needed to deal with the following scenario: read from two databases (db1,db2), and write to a third database (db3).

New Relic Error Alert with Yii

Updated about a year ago by simon604Tips2 comments – viewed 5,847 times – ( +5 )

How to call a default layout for every module and how to work <php echo $content; ?>

Updated about a year ago by Ankit ModiTips0 comments – viewed 12,276 times – ( -2 )
Hi Friends, Hi Friends, Some common question is difficult to how to create the layout on yii and how to work

Useful Multilanguage extensions collection and use.

Updated about a year ago by trondTips2 comments – viewed 4,337 times – ( +3 )
What I want to achieve:

Cgridview counter column

Updated about a year ago by trondTips4 comments – viewed 3,374 times – ( +8 )
some times we want to show the serialNo on cgridview .

How to preload dropdowns in CForm

Updated about a year ago by transistorTips0 comments – viewed 4,001 times – ( +1 )
So you want to use CForm (form builder), but need to preload dropdowns in a form? It's simpler than it seems. You got your CFormModel, CForm and the actual Form, right? Let's say you have the typical State -> City dependent dropdowns, so you would want to load the from with the State and City selected.

How to Display tooltp(qtip) on CGridview dynamic

Updated about a year ago by softarkTips1 comment – viewed 5,099 times – ( -1 )
Hi Friends,

Customizing the CMenu Widget

Updated about a year ago by mistrybTips1 comment – viewed 27,918 times – ( +3 / -1 )
The CMenu class provides some useful features for generating menus in your web application.

Assigning dynamic roles to a user Using yii Rights module at the time of user creation and using some special advanced features of yii rights

Updated about a year ago by Rajith RTips20 comments – viewed 28,702 times – ( +11 / -8 ) – version 1.1
After Installing Yii Users and Rights to Newly Created Yii app we have to assign dynamic roles to a user at the time of user creation .