Yii 1.1: How to create a criteria condition for a multiple value text search i.e a "LIKE IN"


This is a shortcut for adding a text search for multiple values i.e.

... WHERE [other conditions here] AND (name LIKE '%ABC%' OR name LIKE '%RET%' OR name LIKE '%Anything else%') ...

For a scenario where only the name field above is the only condition a single CDbCriteria instance will do i.e

$c1=new CDbCriteria;
foreach($search_values as $txt){ 

The problem is this will produce the following sql when searching with say a 'type' field too:

... WHERE ((((type=1) OR (name LIKE '%ABC%')) OR (name LIKE '%RET%')) OR (name LIKE '%Anything else%')) ...

One solution is to ensure that your condition for the search on name appears first such that the sql produced will read

... WHERE ((((name LIKE '%ABC%') OR (name LIKE '%RET%')) OR (name LIKE '%Anything else%')) AND (type=1)) ...

For cases where this isn't possible, the solution is to create another CDbCriteria instance to handle this specific condition and use CDbCriteria::addCondition() to add it to the original criteria as follows.

$c1=new CDbCriteria; // original criteria
$c2=new CDbCriteria; // criteria for handling our search values
foreach($search_values as $txt){ 
$c1->params+=$c2->params; // Add the params for $c2 into $c1

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Peter JK at 2014/01/21 11:44pm

the easy way you can use mergeWith. mergeWith support AND and OR condition...


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