Yii 1.1: Custom Archive in Blog system


Hi I had made simple archive system for blog system that can handle tbl_post. I had used simple CDbCriteria not more than that. I know there is more and many better way to this but I think this will give some idea to users to generate new idea or customized or modified this version of code.

//in module define
    public $year;
    public $month;

In controller controller of view you can use this. I had used here view for testing.

$monthsvalue = array('1'=>'January','2'=>'Feburary','3'=>'March','4'=>'April','5'=>'May','6'=>'June','7'=>'July','8'=>'August','9'=>'September','10'=>'October','11'=>'November','12'=>'December');
$condition = new CDbCriteria;
$condition->select='YEAR(t.createddate) as year'; //declare year in post model model
$condition->order ='createddate DESC';
$yeardataarticle = Post::model()->findAll($condition);
foreach ($yeardataarticle as $ya):
$year =$ya->year;
echo '<br />';
echo $year;
$monthcriteria = new CDbCriteria;
$monthcriteria->select ='MONTH(t.createddate) as month'; // declare month in post model
$monthcriteria->condition ='YEAR(t.createddate)=:year';
$months = Post::model()->findAll($monthcriteria);
    foreach ($months as $month):
            $montth = $month->month;
            echo '<br />';
            foreach($monthsvalue as $key=>$value):
                    if (!isset(${'printed'.$key.$year})) ${'printed'.$key.$year} = false;
                    if($key==$montth and !${'printed'.$key.$year}){
                echo CHtml::link($value,array('//post/archivepost','year'=>$year,'month'=>$montth));
                $postcount = new CDbCriteria;
                $postcount->addCondition('MONTH(t.createddate)=:month AND YEAR(t.createddate)=:year');
                $postcount->params = array(':month'=>$montth,':year'=>$year);
                $count = Post::model()->count($postcount);
                echo ' ('.$count.')';

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