Yii 1.1: How to upload image(photo), and path entry in database with update functionality


I saw many posts that community newbie is confuse in image/photo upload with random name. so I post this topic covering all useful things regarding to image/photo upload(not covering image attribute related functionality)

View :

_form.php file:

//form options array...
'htmlOptions' => array(
        'enctype' => 'multipart/form-data',
//Other elements
<div class="row">
        <?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'image'); ?>
        <?php echo CHtml::activeFileField($model, 'image'); ?>  // by this we can upload image
        <?php echo $form->error($model,'image'); ?>
<?php if($model->isNewRecord!='1'){ ?>
<div class="row">
     <?php echo CHtml::image(Yii::app()->request->baseUrl.'/banner/'.$model->image,"image",array("width"=>200)); ?>  // Image shown here if page is update page
Other elements

.. ..

Model :

just add below line in rules() method in Model

array('image', 'file','types'=>'jpg, gif, png', 'allowEmpty'=>true, 'on'=>'update'), // this will allow empty field when page is update (remember here i create scenario update)

for all others rules you had to give scenario for insert and update as the rule will apply on both page( Insert and Update ) i.e:

array('title, image', 'length', 'max'=>255, 'on'=>'insert,update'),

.. .. Now comes the main part,

Controller :

Create controller will upload image with random name and enter required database entry.

public function actionCreate()
        $model=new Banner;  // this is my model related to table
            $rnd = rand(0,9999);  // generate random number between 0-9999
            $fileName = "{$rnd}-{$uploadedFile}";  // random number + file name
            $model->image = $fileName;
                $uploadedFile->saveAs(Yii::app()->basePath.'/../banner/'.$fileName);  // image will uplode to rootDirectory/banner/

Now comes the update action,

public function actionUpdate($id)
            $_POST['Banner']['image'] = $model->image;
                if(!empty($uploadedFile))  // check if uploaded file is set or not

Above example is Upload image in specific folder and enter require entry in database. On update it will overwrite image in folder and update the data.


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seventy6ix at 2015/03/09 07:46am
Time instead of random

Combine php date function with rand to create unique number. Eg: (month and day) + (rand)

#18520 report it
razvanphp at 2014/11/09 07:40am
Duplicate files overwritten

As mentioned already,


can return the same number multiple times, and if the filename is also the same, the file will be overwritten. @Mariusz W. solution is one way, or just use some real random generated id like UUID4 or php uniqid()

#17503 report it
kiran sharma at 2014/06/24 01:39am
@vijay p s

Yes, you can use any jQuery extension or core functionality for that..

#17502 report it
vijay p s at 2014/06/24 01:20am
display Image

In this article, the image will be displayed while updating the file. There is any idea to display the image at the time of uploading on create.

#17422 report it
zealotcik at 2014/06/09 01:32pm
resize image
> hi friends. This works great!! I want to resize the image while am uploading. Is that anyway to resize image with the help of this code.

sure you can, just use PHP function


#17417 report it
vijay p s at 2014/06/09 03:29am
Resizing image

hi friends. This works great!! I want to resize the image while am uploading. Is that anyway to resize image with the help of this code. help me out

#17013 report it
vijay24 at 2014/04/24 04:14am
why allowEmpty on Update??????
public function rules()
        // NOTE: you should only define rules for those attributes that
        // will receive user inputs.
        return array(
 array('social_icon', 'EImageValidator','types'=>'jpg,png,gif', 'width' => 205, 'height' => 163,'dimensionError' => 'minimum image size should be 300*300','on'=>'insert'),
                        array('social_icon', 'EImageValidator', 'types'=>'jpg,png,gif', 'width' => 205, 'height' => 163,'dimensionError' => 'minimum image size should be 300*300','allowEmpty'=>true, 'on'=>'update'),
#16810 report it
Sohrablou at 2014/03/30 05:03pm
CUploadedFile is null


i use this code in ActionUpdate $uploadedFile=CUploadedFile::getInstance($model,'image');

but $uploadedFile is null... plz help me.

#16674 report it
hshfcb at 2014/03/18 05:00am

instead random number is the best that use $rnd = $random = date(time());

#12985 report it
Shahcheraghean at 2013/04/25 05:00am
saving 2 or 3 files

when i try your code for insert, it insert 1 record contain filename with random number and 2 record contain just random numbers?

#10394 report it
kiran sharma at 2012/10/25 09:41am

Ok, so you want to store default.jpg in database and no saveAs function on empty image field.

so, just do following step:

set fileName default.jpg on empty field as

  $fileName = 'default.jpg';  // write this code below $fileName = "{$rnd}-{$uploadedFile}";

and for saveAs function use below code,


I had tested it and working fine... :D

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Giacomo at 2012/10/22 05:12am

Hi, if no image is submitted the page freezes. I've to do something like

if($uploadedFile != null){
     $rnd = rand(0,9999);  
     $fileName = "{$rnd}-{$uploadedFile}"; 
      $fileName = 'default.jpg';    

in order to prevent it. Also i've to do the same here

{    if($uploadedFile != null){

This declaration inside rules

'allowEmpty' => true,'on'=>'insert,update'

should not prevent this error?

Thanks for your help

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kiran sharma at 2012/07/15 02:41am

yes, i think that part was missing. @kmindi, thankx for update.

#9032 report it
kmindi at 2012/07/14 04:11pm

I could not get it to work until i added

'htmlOptions' => array(
        'enctype' => 'multipart/form-data',

to my options array to the form (using EBootstrapActiveForm)

I updated the article to contain that information too ...

#8961 report it
kiran sharma at 2012/07/10 01:06am

@shaan360, its ok if you do not add scenario on update. you specify in model and not specify in model as $model->scenario='update' than its ok, if you specify user define scenario the you have to specify in controller. cheers..

#8954 report it
shaan360 at 2012/07/09 02:31pm
setting the scenario

and dont forget to set the scenario


#8913 report it
kiran sharma at 2012/07/07 01:14am

@speedlog, yes you rite, but this is just for demo purpose as upload image with random name.

#8907 report it
Mariusz W. at 2012/07/06 03:11pm
Random is not good

Better way is first save record and than save image, where in file name should be Primary Key of this record (PK guarantee unique). All involved in transaction and when file will not be saved than rollback.

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