Yii 1.1: Shrink Yii, help your IDE and speed up copying



In this little tip, I will help you to cut Yii size for about half

yii-1.1.8.r3324 framework directory is 10.4 mb size.

Lets see what you can achieve by deleting some things we "don't need"

This will make the framework more portable, and will make the development process more fun by speeding the copy procedure etc.

Lets begin

First of all, I must say Yii framework not so bloated as Zend Framework for example, where there is really a lot of things you will never use, like barcode etc. In Yii, You need most of the stuff...

So lets go directory by directory, end delete some stuff!


There you have some caching classes, feel free to delete what you don't use I deleted CEAcceleratorCache.php, CWinCache.php 8kb saved... but it's not the end ;-)


3.71mb of data that you will never use!

just find the english, and some languages you use and delete all the other stuff...

I deleted all except of en,ru,he

250kb left, 3.46mb deleted


1.15mb of stuff you will never use

just pick the langueages you use, and delete the others

deleted all except en,ru

80kb left, 1.07mb saved


This is a good idea to test your code... But I'm sure most of you don't do it... so fill free to delete it

-20kb ;-)


300kb of views you don't need...

just choose your language... chose ru,en...

40kb left 260kb saved

up to now by directories comparison I shrinked the library from 10.4mb to 5.59mb

In .rar form it is 3.204mb vs 1.54mb

Another benefit from it is that if you use some IDE, sometimes it can drive you crazy as it indexing sometimes so slow... So the less files you have... the faster indexing and projects refresh you have... So this is another nice benefit...

Fill free to shrink it even more ;-)

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Cálcio at 2012/03/02 10:55am
Greate think to do

I was looking for it. Cause I hate spend space in HD with not utility things. Nowadays, this folder "framework" has 19.4MB with these simple clear this folder has 6.1MB.

Thanks for this explanation.

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dckurushin at 2011/09/22 03:48am
Re: redguy

The cache and test stuff, don't really weight much. But this stuff:
1. ramework/i18n/data
2. framework/messages
3. framework/views
Really most of it *useless, and you don't hurt the framework.

  • this is good stuff, but i'm sure most of the people if make internalization, they do it for few languages.
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Asgaroth at 2011/09/21 06:41pm

When I started reading, I was like:"WTF whats this guy thinking!!! deleting parts of my precious yiiii????"

But now I must say, these are really good tips, most of the files you mention specially i18n and messages are most likely never used, not everyone needs/develops multilingual apps.

But instead of deleting the test/ folder I would say: TEST TEST TEST YOUR APPS!!! :D

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dckurushin at 2011/09/21 06:22pm
Response to Da:Sourcerer

This is not about minimizing the existings stuff... This is about deleting stuff you will never use...

Yii comes with zillion translations, and after you delete it , the size shrinks for about half...

And this is without effect it's functionality.

Handling updates is very easy - just do the procedure again...

You can write a script for this... but why? it takes a few minutes, and Yii don't change versions every other day

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