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So I've been busy making lots of modifications to my views/models/controllers - came to test the app and got a blank screen. Nothing in the application.log file so must be a syntax error somewhere... But which file?


If you are using linux (Ubuntu in my case) and have php locally, then run the following from a terminal from the protected directory

find . -name \*.php -exec php -l "{}" \;

This will syntax check each php file recursively from the current directory.

Full credit to http://www.electrictoolbox.com/php-command-line-syntax-checking/

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Russell England at 2011/05/04 01:41pm

My mistake, I thought you needed Apache to run the php command tool :)

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Dudie Rirkx at 2011/05/04 01:28pm

I don't see how Apache is a requirement? Looks like pretty standard find and php... No Apache needed?

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