Yii 2.0

There are many videos available. Check YouTube for "yii". Below are links to two big video series community likes most.

Yii 1.1

Yii Tour - 1st Stop: Preparation Station

from Jeffery Winesett

Introduction to the Yii framework. Covers the very first steps of downloading the framework files and using the code generation tools to get a new Web application up and running.

Yii Tour - 2nd Stop: Say Hello to World

from Jeffery Winesett

This screencast shows how to create a simple MVC application. The Yii code generation tool will be used to generate the code needed for controller action and view.

Yii Tour - 3rd Stop: CRUD County

from Jeffery Winesett

This is the 3rd stop on the Yii tour where we connect to a database and quickly create basic GUI-based CRUD functionality against a database table.

Yii Tour - 4th Stop: Down To The Database

from Jeffery Winesett

On this, the 4th and final stop on our introductory tour of Yii, we complete our Hello World application by using the database to store and retrieve our message content.