Yii is a popular framework with a vibrant and active community. Below are some additional resources contributed by our community members that you may find useful.

Cheat Sheets

The Yii cheat sheet, created by Sebastián Thierer. This presents commonly used Yii classes, methods and properties in a single printable sheet.

Yii 1.1 validator cheatsheet: created by schmunk. This summarizes all of Yii's built-in validators in a single printable sheet.

Yii Playground

The Yii Playground is a community-contributed demo application that uses the PHP Yii Framework to show some features of the framework by explicit example. It is great place to see how some of the features work, and learn the code behind them.

Radio Podcasts

Yii Radio Podcasts, created by Imre Mehesz, covers hot topics and recent activities about the Yii framework.


The community-driven wiki page Yii Related Sites is collecting links to sites with useful tips and tutorials related to the Yii Framework.

Live Chat

To get near-instant help or support with the Yii Framework or just to have an enjoyable chat, try visiting #yii on the Freenode irc network. You will be surprised at seeing many people hanging around there.

You may also try our Web-based IRC terminal which will directly connect you to the channel.

Social Networks

Yii OpenSearch

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