Yii fork of jquery-pjax version 2.0.6 released

Mar 4, 2016

Yii fork of jquery-pjax just had a new release fixing bugs, adding enhancements and new options:

  • pushRedirect - whether to pushState the URL for redirects. Defaults to false.
  • replaceRedirect - whether to replaceState the URL for redirects. Defaults to true.
  • skipOuterContainers - when pjax containers are nested and this option is true, the closest pjax block will handle the event. Otherwise, the top container will handle the event. Defaults to false.
  • ieRedirectCompatibility - whether to add X-Ie-Redirect-Compatibility header for the request on IE.

If your composer.json version isn't fixed to 2.0.5, run composer update in order to update the library. Else change the version and then run composer update.