Yii 1.1.17 is released

Jan 13, 2016

We are very pleased to announce that Yii Framework version 1.1.17 is released. You can download it at yiiframework.com/download/.

In this release, we have included 36 enhancements and bug fixes. For the complete list of changes in this release, please see the change log. NOTE This release contains a breaking change in the APCu cache, so if you're using it, please read the upgrading instructions to learn how to upgrade.

We would like to express our gratitude to all contributors who have spent their precious time helping improve Yii and made this release possible.

Note that 1.1.17 is the last 1.1 release with enhancements. We are currently actively developing and maintaining Yii 2.0 which represents a new generation of PHP framework utilizing the latest technologies. You may follow the development progress of Yii 2 by starring or watching Yii 2.0 GitHub Project. You may also follow Yii Twitter feeds or join Yii Facebook group to connect with other Yii developers.

The main enhancements in this release are:

  • PHP7 compatibility.
  • CHttpRequest can now automatically parse JSON with application/json content type.
  • There's now database-based StatePersister implementation.
  • Autoloader now doesn't error in case of non-existing namespaced classes so other autoloaders have chance to handle these.

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