Debug, Bootstrap, Sphinx and Authclient extensions version 2.0.5 released

Sep 24, 2015

We are very pleased to announce the releases of Debug, Bootstrap, Sphinx and Authclient extensions. We decided to decouple extension releases from the framework release to allow more flexibility and possible more frequent extension releases. Debug was released quite long time ago but at the time we were too busy for announcement.

Debug Toolbar version 2.0.5 (yii2-debug)

Debug toolbar got some reliablity fixes, usability improvements and new features. It's now more compact, got more colors and better formatting.

Additionally there's now an ability to EXPLAIN queries in Database panel for MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Cubrid.

See CHANGELOG for details.

Bootstrap version 2.0.5 (yii2-bootstrap)

Bootstrap extension got more configuration options for various widgets and support for glyphicons via yii\bootstrap\Html::icon().

See CHANGELOG for details.

Sphinx version 2.0.5 (yii2-sphinx)

Extension got some important bug fixes and enhancements.

See CHANGELOG for details.

Authclient version 2.0.5 (yii2-authclient)

Authclient could now be used without session component. Facebook client now has attributeNames defining which extra attributes to fetch from /me call. Also popup size was adjusted to fit Facebook login and signup well.

See CHANGELOG for details.


We'd like to thank our contributors for the great job they've done. Thank you!

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