YiiStorm for PhpStorm

Mar 5, 2013

YiiStorm is a plugin for PhpStorm IDE that is adding code navigation enhancements for Yii framework based projects.

Features are:

  • Going from render and renderPartial to the view file. Includes controllers, partials and widgets. Supports all ways of specifying a view: themes, smarty .tpl views and external actions.
  • Going from model name in relations() to the model class.
  • Going from the $this->widget('path.to.widget.Class') call to the widget class.
  • Going from controller actions() to action class.

You can install the plugin either directly from PhpStorm IDE settings or from mazx.ru.

If you have issues, feature requests or want to help developing it the project itself is at github. To leave feedback and just say thanks for this great addition use our forums.


ide, phpstorm