YiiConf 2012, Kiev, Ukraine

May 29, 2012

The first Yii conference called YiiConf 2012 was held on May 19 in Kiev, Ukraine. It gathered more than 200 people from Yii Russian-speaking community. Since it was in Russian, we didn't announce it at yiiframework.com. The conference went extremely successful. We hereby are sharing some information with you.

It was really friendly and went with a good hacking spirit and, of course, a lot of informal talks and events that are often as interesting as the conferences themselves. In case of YiiConf both infomal activities and speeches were very good.

There were 8 speeches about both Yii best practices, Yii2 and related technologies:

  • Yii 2. What's new? by Alexander Makarov from Yii core team (Slides are available in English).
  • Layered architecture by Alexey Spiridonov from CityPatrol.
  • Cooking MANY_MANY properly by Grigori Kochanov from Sotmarket.
  • Agile team contraints theory by Andrew Geonya from 2GIS.
  • Personalizing content using Yii, Sphinx and Couchbase by Artem Demchenkov from Ontiko.
  • Muti-site platform. How? by Sergey Bezborodov from segater.com.
  • Enhance your productivity with KnockoutJS by Roman Gomolko from UserReport.
  • Unit testing from QA perspective by Pavel Stashevsky from 2GIS.

There are several photo reports available so you can get an idea about what it was like: