Debug toolbar extension version 2.0.7 released

Nov 24, 2016

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Debug Toolbar extension version 2.0.7.

In this release there are more than twenty bug fixes, enhancements and three new features. Fixes and enhancements are aimed mainly on getting better stability in edge cases and to improve usability. Features deserve separate descriptions.

Timeline panel

The new timeline panel displays profiling data graphically on a timeline which starts at the very initialization and ends when the application is done sending the response.It allows you to quickly review the execution sequence of the application and finds out how the application works and which areas show opportunities for improvement of the performance .


AJAX requests handling

AJAX requests are now automatically picked up by the debug panel and their count is displayed right after the logo. You can access each individual request data right from the list available via counter panel.


IDE links

Wouldn't it be nice to open files directly from the debug trace? Well, you now can. With a few settings you are able to click on any file in the backtrace. Your favorite IDE will automatically open the file at the right line. This will be a time saver!

Big thanks to:

  • Dmitriy Bashkarev for taking care of Timeline Panel and AJAX request handling.
  • Thiago Talma for his effort to integrate IDE's into our Debug toolbar.

See the CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes.