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Web Service 429 3 +13
Send push notifications from your site to mobile device Mobile app...
By jeapie, 3 years ago


Others 1562 8 +6
A responsive Yii theme utilising all the goodness of H BP and...
By outrage, 4 years ago


Logging 524 0 +3
Free Mobile logging: send log messages by SMS to a mobile phone.
By CedX, 7 months ago


Web Service 0 2 +2 / -3
This extension provides an Yii component wrapper for Mobile Detect...
By skeeks, about a year ago


Others 0 0
Extension to detect device type on the server side (via user agent)
By alexandernst, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
Yii extension to add the Add To Homescreen Javascript widget to a...
By drsdre, about a year ago