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User Interface 0 0
Toggle column update in gridview
By KKDeveloper, 2 months ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Sortable GridView which you can drag and drop the record items from...
By Richard Fan, 3 months ago


Caching 0 0
Collection of behaviors Currently behaviors available...
By jjmf, 7 months ago


Others 0 0
Simple extension for making searching and filtering by related field...
By jozek;, about a year ago


User Interface 0 4 -2
Extension for Yii2 Framework to work with jQuery TreeGrid
By leandrogehlen, about a year ago


Database 0 1 +1
Alphabetic paging for GridView and ListView
By Sjaakp, about a year ago


Database 197 3 +6
Improves Yii's grid filters by allowing more powerful search terms.
By Keith, about a year ago


User Interface 0 10
Excel View allows the export of data from a yii -gridview to various...
By Artur Oliveira, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
Excel View allows the export of data from a yii -gridview to various...
By Artur Oliveira, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Sortable modification of standard Yii2 GridView widget.
By himiklab, about a year ago


User Interface 0 6 +4
Implementation the Rubaxa/Sortable for Yii2 widgets
By Constantin Chuprik, about a year ago


User Interface 0 16 +53 / -4
GridView enhancements and utilities for Yii Framework 2.0.
By Kartik V, about a year ago


Others 212 0
Check All previous or next Checkbox in GridView
By Vinny.freire, 2 years ago


User Interface 3596 21 +12
An extension to convert the default grid view to beautiful table...
By nachi, 2 years ago
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