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Database 152 0 +3
Allows to interact with spatial-fields of AR-model like regular...
By UncleCoder, about a year ago


Security 248 0 +5
Replace Textfield by image to prevent data crawing bot
By ngonhan, about a year ago


Others 156 6 +3 / -2
Reduces annoying need to check if model attributes and relations are...
By evan108108, about a year ago


Others 141 0 +3
Scalar Objects (with output chaining) for your Yii model attributes.
By evan108108, about a year ago


Database 485 0 +4
Behaviour for CActiveRecord that allows to attach tags to a model.
By Su_MpaK, about a year ago


Database 191 1 +2
Automatically generate some random data sets for a specified model.
By thyseus, about a year ago


Auth 0 3 +3
Provides methods to ensure compatiblity for rights and yii-user.
By schmunk, about a year ago


Database 1654 7 +15
Single Page CRUD operations on ActiveRecord models with controller...
By drumaddict, about a year ago


Database 742 4 +9 / -4
A behavior for handling multiple languages in Yii.
By Backslider, about a year ago


Database 497 2 +2
Allows to save model with INSERT DELAYED query
By Anatoly Rugalev, about a year ago


User Interface 627 9 +6
Quickly Add Dynamic Content Without Writing JS Or Additional Actions...
By evan108108, about a year ago


Others 1098 34 +15
Create PDFs from web pages with PHPWkHtmlToPdf
By Mike, about a year ago


Database 227 0 +2
Generate and saves values for sorting field.
By gallyamow, about a year ago


Others 0 0
Checks whether the current page rendered is the specific page
By Sharkgr8, about a year ago
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