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Extensions tagged with "currency", sorted by ratingX
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User Interface 0 0 +38
An advanced money mask input for Yii based on jquery maskmoney...
By Kartik V, 3 years ago


Others 1322 1 +12
Currency Conversion Class based on the European Central Bank daily...
By Antonio Ramirez, 5 years ago


Others 249 1 +3
Currency to Word Convertor
By N0nh4x0r ツ, 4 years ago


User Interface 897 2 +7 / -3
YiiFormatCurrency - jquery Format Currency adapted for PHP Yii...
By maxie, 5 years ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
A number and currency format mask control and input widget for Yii...
By Kartik V, about a month ago


Others 637 1
List of all currencies get update converter geoip based currency...
By Ashok Poudel, 5 years ago