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Mail 1336 0 +7
Email system with templates and email queuing.
By cornernote, about a month ago


Others 147 2 +1
Maintain the state of Return Urls by using the request.
By cornernote, about a month ago


Database 0 0 +1
Makes it easier to generate all models by allowing a model class...
By cornernote, about a month ago


Error Handling 737 10 +3 / -1
Track and display usage information including page requests database...
By cornernote, about a month ago


Others 101 0 +1
JSON message source: store translations in JSON files.
By CedX, about a month ago


User Interface 284 1 +5 / -1
Sass (SCSS) and Compass support for the Yii framework
By Artem Frolov, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
A Yii LinkPager that displays the first and last pages inline with...
By justinvoelker, about a month ago


Validation 0 0
Validators for two data strings used in Mexico for identity RFC and...
By Carlos Ramos, about a month ago


Database 0 0
A quick adapter installable via composer for the Strana pagination...
By b4c0n, about a month ago


Others 348 17 +5
Yii multilanguage extension with dynamic content translate...
By Taron Saribekyan, about a month ago


Others 16 0 +1
Helper in your project for the integration of middleware
By Petr.Grishin, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +3
Extension Library for the Semantic UI framework
By Antonio Ramirez, about a month ago


User Interface 101 11 +5
Yii 1.1 dropdown widget with AJAX data
By Bizley, about a month ago


Others 38 0
This extension allows you to send sms using SMSGlobal web apis.
By Giris, about a month ago
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