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Database 271 0 +3
Active Record Behavior that outputs the raw SQL generated by a given...
By evan108108, about a year ago


Validation 207 2 +4
Valida a Inscrição Estadual por estado.
By adlersd, about a year ago


Security 2639 14 +43
The suite you need to clean the input coming from users
By twisted1919, about a year ago


Others 808 0 +2
Help to display multiple videos in the same page using jwplayer with...
By riemann, about a year ago


Web Service 4767 15 +18
OO PHP interface to Google Maps with added functionality.
By ianaré, about a year ago


Database 0 2 +5
Yii Components for managing historical database records.
By yiier, about a year ago


Database 0 3 +2
CActiveRecord implementation that allows specifying DB table name...
By pavlepredic, about a year ago


Validation 296 2 +4
Validate if domain is true or not
By Mohamed Alsemany, about a year ago


Web Service 1856 10 +2
This widget reads a a specified rss feed and displays feed entries...
By Richard Walker, about a year ago


User Interface 903 3 +4
Provides an 'all-included' widget for star-ranking content.
By Boaz, about a year ago


User Interface 643 1 +12
This extension modified CListView to support multiple items per line.
By tbekos, about a year ago


Database 112 0 +2 / -2
For Gujarati Digits Input and Gujarati Output on DB
By Abhishek Shah, about a year ago


Auth 5400 21 +40
Yii Implementation of HybridAuth for social Facebook Yahoo etc...
By markvr, about a year ago


User Interface 4273 2 +7 / -4
Yet another Yii Content Management System
By thyseus, about a year ago
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