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Web Service 135 0 +2 / -1
All top social media share buttons like - facebook twitter linkedin...
By Rohit Suthar, about a month ago


Others 40 4 +1
Url builder
By Petr.Grishin, about a month ago


Security 49 1 +2
Yii antispam extension for user messages and registrations
By rustik, about a month ago


Security 246 4 +3
A simple way to choose the hashing algorithm - secure your site with...
By kamilsk, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +25
Extended checkbox widget for bootstrap with three states and...
By Kartik V, about a month ago


User Interface 76 0 +2
A wrapper for Spritespin jQuery Plugin
By Alfa Adhitya, about a month ago


Others 156 1 +3
This is Yii autocomplete extension using Jquery Ui.
By Nikola Balog, about a month ago


User Interface 628 6 +12
A widget to shorten html content to a certain length and give a link...
By Blue Spy, about a month ago


User Interface 1000 2 +5
CGridView with jQueryUI sortable
By Troy, about a month ago


Auth 300 3 +3
Module that provides basic account functionality
By Chris83, about a month ago


User Interface 180 0 +1
Enable to pick location in form
By Febrianto Arif, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Renders a CKEditor WYSIWYG text editor plugin widget
By Antonio Ramirez, about a month ago


Web Service 0 0 +1
Extension Library to display interactive maps with LeafLet
By Antonio Ramirez, about a month ago


User Interface 0 0 +1
Collection of JQuery plugins to enhance your Yii2 apps
By Antonio Ramirez, about a month ago
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