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Date and Time 0 0 +1
Fullcalendar wrapper for showing events on a calendar
By EdoFre, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0 +1
A simple chat for your yii2 application
By Buba Suma, about a year ago


Others 0 0 +1
Basic unifier and compressor for CSS and JS files inside your Yii...
By slinstj, about a year ago


Validation 2151 6 +23 / -2
If-then validation rules using core validators!
By slinstj, about a year ago


Validation 0 0 +1
Makes one or more attributes mandatory inside a set of attributes.
By slinstj, about a year ago


Others 268 0 +2
Another Yii 2 project template with multiple tiers.
By blackwolf, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
A Yii2 ext for the MailChimp 3.0 API
By Sammaye, about a year ago


User Interface 0 0
This is a extension for use KindEditor as a text editor The...
By pjkui, about a year ago


Caching 0 0
Command to merge and minify assets
By cornernote, about a year ago


Others 0 0 +1
Quickly create Excel files from query results or raw data
By Mike, about a year ago


Others 0 0
A Yii Framework component for using assets in different environments...
By junaidatari, about a year ago


Security 0 0 +1 / -1
Http basic auth for Yii2 project
By skeeks, about a year ago


File System 0 0 +2
Yii extension for cropping existing image using imgAreaSelect jquery...
By Cozumel, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0 +1
Nested routing support to the Yii RESTful API framework
By salem, about a year ago
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