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xunsearch php sdk, yii1 extension and yii2 ActiveRecord support
By hightman, about a year ago


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Advanced Search inside Array
By serhatozles, about a year ago


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Dependency Injection in Yii 1.0 using PHP 5 ReflectionClass
By winu, about a year ago


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This extension can help you for your html template integration to...
By serhatozles, about a year ago


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This Yii Behavior is an easy effective and logical way to...
By Wade Shuler, about a year ago


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TOD : Thumbnail On Demand :-)
By soju, about a year ago


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UrlRule class that allows easier working with slugs and translations...
By Blizz, about a year ago


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Allows to render widgets in page content of Yii Framework based...
By howardEagle, about a year ago


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Yii routing category tree
By Vi Quang Hòa, about a year ago


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Foundation classes and components used by Krajee Yii2 extensions
By Kartik V, about a year ago


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A great PDF component for Yii2 based on the mPDF library.
By Kartik V, about a year ago


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Organize directories for applications with front-end and back-end...
By yiqing95, about a year ago


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Databased based automated page meta tags based on route and named...
By Elecen, about a year ago


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Tools for upload and save file
By Misbahul D Munir, about a year ago
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