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Web Service 330 10 +2
Extension for easy implementation of Braintree's Payment Gateway
By pitchinnate, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
Behavior for generating 'href' attribute of a model
By ezekielnoob, about a year ago


Web Service 302 0 +4
Widget which provide simple disqus support for your Yii powered site
By iDexter, about a year ago


Web Service 655 2 +7
Yii RESTful URL Manager
By xiaokai, about a year ago


Web Service 213 0 +3
Module used to configure and manage Mercanet payment system
By Rami Tayba, about a year ago


Web Service 303 3 +13
Send push notifications from your site to mobile device Mobile app...
By jeapie, about a year ago


Web Service 181 6 +14 / -1
ESearch provides an action and some default views for search and...
By CGeorge, about a year ago


Web Service 213 0 +2
Widget that generates pinterest rss feed
By kautil, about a year ago


Web Service 530 2 +3
QR Code Generator using Google API
By kautil, about a year ago


Web Service 565 6 +4
The easiest way to add and style google map in your application.
By Robiul, about a year ago


Web Service 484 5 +5 / -1
HTTP Authentication for REST clients Basic or Digest Authentication...
By Denit S., about a year ago


Web Service 969 4 +5
JGoogleAPI it's an Yii extension to use the Google Api PHP Client in...
By n3okill, about a year ago


Web Service 5676 14 +39 / -3
You can use it for geting data from other websites via CURL
By Igor Ivanovic, about a year ago


Web Service 496 10 +2
JSON-capable controllers
By Konstantinos Filios, about a year ago
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