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Web Service 439 0 +3
This extension works with IP2Location on Yii2 Framework.
By Anil Chaudhari, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0 +1
Yii plugins sistem module with event manager and shortcodes support...
By loveorigami, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
Client extension to interact with feed data from XMLSoccer.com
By drsdre, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0 +7
Enhanced Yii wrapper for the bootstrap datetimepicker plugin sub...
By Kartik V, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
Translate your text with yandex translate API
By BaBL, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
A Simple AppNexus API client for yii2
By fedemotta, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
AWS SDK for Yii2 - Use Amazon Web Services in your Yii2 project
By fedemotta, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0
WebService encapsulates SoapServer and provides a WSDL-based web...
By Andrey Borodulin, about a year ago


Web Service 214 0 +1
Yii extension for facebook Like Recommend Share button with custom...
By Rohit Suthar, about a year ago


Web Service 0 0 +1
Elephant IO wrapper for Yii2
By Sammaye, about a year ago


Web Service 216 1 +1
You can send SMS messages using SMSConneXion API with only one line...
By Simon Mathew, about a year ago


Web Service 283 1 +3
Yiibraintree Simplify Integration of Braintree payment Solution into...
By sirin k, about a year ago


Web Service 0 1
Google Places API library for Yii2
By Antonio Ramirez, about a year ago


Web Service 18 1
Soundcloud.com API extension for yii2
By njasm, about a year ago
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