Yii 1.1: ysysteminfo

Retrieve some unix system informations

This extension retrieve some unix system information, like configured network interfaces. In the future I'd like to implement disk and network functions.


Designed on 1.1.10, but should work on any 1.1.x.


Place this file in protected/extensions/ and add to your main.php or console.php


then call


Available functions:
+ getInterfaceNames: returns an array with network interface names
+ getInterfacesByType: returns all the interface of a specific type
+ getPartitionSize: get partition size where the specified directory is mounted



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karmraj at 2012/08/04 05:47am

Thanks for quick reply.

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Maxxer at 2012/08/04 05:00am
see source

actually there's no method to get real OS informations, the available functions are all the getters you find into the source file, like getInterfaceNames, getPartitionSize. In the future I might implement others

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karmraj at 2012/08/03 08:15am
Get an error Undefine function name

Actully i dont know which function i need to call to get systeminfo using this extension ?

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