Yii 1.1: yiisentrylog

Log all error and exception to sentry server.

Yii sentry log is a component for Yii to send all logging and exception to sentry server instead of showing it on screen or save it on files, especially when you set YII_DEBUG to false, this module based on raven-php by getsentry.

You can also clone project at my github repository



  • Put your clone inside /protected/components/yii-sentry-log
  • Edit your config.php
                    'dsn'=> '[YOUR_DSN_FROM_SENTRY_SERVER]',
                    'levels'=>'error, warning',


Github repository

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#10717 report it
TheBee at 2012/11/19 01:29am
Sentry ID

Hi Ivica,

Sorry for late reply, its great idea thanks, I'll working on it ASAP, you can see the progress on Github Issues.


#10686 report it
Ivica at 2012/11/15 07:23am
How to get sentry id

Great extension, thanks for share!

I would just change last line in your SentryLog component, so we get sentry message id(aka 'ident'), so users can reference to this bug:

$sentryEventId = $this->_client->getIdent($this->_client->captureMessage($title, array(), $level, true));

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