Yii 1.1: yiiheart

Extension for YiiBooster contain Gii Improved, Wrapper Tcpdf, PHPExcel, FullCalendar

YiiHeart 1.1.0-alpha [14/5/2014]


oleh Hafid Mukhlasin [milisstudio at gmail dot com]

What is the Yii Heart

Yii heart is extension base on wonderfull widget as known as Yiibooster. It for improve result of automatic generation code / gii from yiibooster default be a amazing generation code , so You will get view yiibooster ready. At default gii only generate Model and Create Reate Update n Delete, but in YiiHeart you will get CRUD++++, plus export – import – editable – calendar without type code anymore. With YiiHeart You can create a project by fast, smart, beautiful.. Create Professional Web Application in Minutes, Are You Ready?

Features of the Yii Heart

  • Gii improved for yiibooster
  • Gii batch CRUD generator (direct generete crud of all model)
  • Export to excel, html, pdf, word
  • Import from excel
  • Calendar agenda
  • Soft delete (not really delete, only update field and hidden from view)


  • Yii 1.1.14 (https://yiiframework.com)
  • Yiibooster 2.1.1 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/yiibooster/files/)
  • PHPExcel Version 1.8.0 (http://www.codeplex.com/PHPExcel)
  • TinyButStrong with opentbs 1.9.0 (http://www.tinybutstrong.com)
  • FullCalendar v2.0.0-beta2 (http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/)

Why Should Use Yii Heart?

If You use yiibooster, You should use this tool, because it will increase your speed to create a project. YiiHeart help You maximize and explore feature of the YiiBooster, minimize repetition code. With YiiHeart, You needn’t think about view, yes because it will create to You fantastic view. Many library have wrapped, for example phpexcel, word, pdf. So All of your requirement to create a project have available in this tools. We hope You get have fun coding :)


  1. Download YiiFramework 1.1.14 from http://yiifarmework.com/downloads/ an extract to Your web root (htdocs)
  2. Create Web Application base on YiiFramework (Use command prompt)
  3. Download Yiibooster 2.1.1 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/yiibooster/files and extract to extension directory of Your web aplication We use this version because this is really stable version at present. Many bug in version 3.xx
  4. Configure on main config (app/protected/main/config.php) of web applications so yiibooster ready
  5. Download YiiHeart 1.1 from https://github.com/hscstudio/yiiheart and extract to extension directory of Your web aplication
  6. Configure on main config of web applications so yiiheart ready
  7. Please check Your installation via web browser http://localhost/app, Wow.. yiibooster and yiiheart ready without coding anymore.. Yes You get it only follow this instruction.
  8. done


If any error please report to us via https://github.com/hscstudio/yiiheart/issues If You have added you can pull via https://github.com/hscstudio/yiiheart/pulls We built YiiHeart with love..


Hafid Mukhlasin Depok - Jawa Barat - Indonesia


Total 9 comments

#17670 report it
ThePr0f3550r at 2014/07/13 11:11pm
This extension dead?

Yes.. not maintained but it running well, because I have migrate to Yii2 and focus develop Yii2-heart or YiiHeart for Yii version 2

#17666 report it
TeKi at 2014/07/13 01:20pm

is this extension dead?

#17476 report it
rdrodrig at 2014/06/18 03:08pm
Yii Framework 1.1.14 + YiiBooster 4.0.1 (ERROR) + YiiHeart 1.2

YiiBooster 4.0.1 don't include widget TbBox. I get the following CException Error: bootstrap.widgets.TbBox" is invalid! Please use YiiBooster 2.1.1. YiiHeart don't support YiiBooster 4.0.1!

#17223 report it
ThePr0f3550r at 2014/05/14 04:34am
Use Yii 1.1.14

Use Yii 1.1.14

#17169 report it
Budi Perkasa at 2014/05/09 05:43am
Failed to open stream

Begitu coba login, langsung keluar pesan error begini bro => "include(CPasswordHelper.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory", ini kenapa ya ?

#17039 report it
masyar at 2014/04/28 03:33am

trims ThePr0f3550r atas pencerahannya tentang import {SOLVED}.

Saya menemui kasus: ketika login dengan user/pwd (coba/coba) lalu saya klik menu LATIHAN > Manage Training muncul pesan ::==>

Error 403 You are not authorized to perform this action.

Kemudian saya mencoba2 edit di TrainingController.php yaitu bagian :

public function filters() { return array( 'accessControl', // di aktivkan //'rights', // saya beri remark ); }

dan berhasil muncul.

Pertnyaannya apakah sudah sesuai metode penyelesaian yang saya lakukan / ada cara yang lebih tepat dalam solusi tersebut (kaitanyya dengan Rights)? tks

#17015 report it
ThePr0f3550r at 2014/04/24 04:46am
Import for Masyar

Untuk import admin.. field ID pada excelnya dihapus yah..

Jadi field di excelnya

Religion Name Born Birth Day Gender Phone Email Address ...

#17014 report it
masyar at 2014/04/24 04:29am

Master kenapa saat kita import file excel di menu employee datanya tidak masuk , pas saya coba di menu** training** bisa. ? mohon pencerahannya. tks

#16994 report it
EndErr at 2014/04/21 02:16am

At least on English ...

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