A straight Yii2 port of the famous NestedSetBehavior

Yii2 port of the famous NestedSetBehaviour: nestedsetbehavior

You can find the repo here: GitHub Respository

You can also find the packagist here: Packagist Repository

Please refer to the original documentation on how to use this, I have literally just replaced the functions contents for Yii2.

This class is, just like Yii2, still unstable, use at your own risk. I have done a fair bit of testing but you will find bugs.

You can open an issue on GitHub when you do: GitHub Issues

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Sammaye at 2014/12/02 06:51pm
Re: using this behavior

Feel free to open an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/Sammaye/NestedSetBehavior/issues I prefer to do these things there

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veyron at 2014/12/02 06:48pm
using this behavior

I'm having some problem using it. Can someone please write a tutorial on how to configure/use this?

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Sammaye at 2014/03/05 09:18am
Re: how to use this behavior?

Exactly how it is described on the old version: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/nestedsetbehavior/

Have you got a problem when setting it up?

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sharehua at 2014/03/05 09:03am
how to use this behavior?

how to use this behavior?

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