Yii 2.0: yii2-keen

An extension for http://keen.io
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A Yii2 extension for http://keen.io

This is an extension for Yii2 that makes it easy to use http://keen.io/.

You can configure it in your application configuration like so:

'keen' => [
    'class' => 'br0sk\keen\KeenIo',
    'projectId' => 'yourprojectid',
    'readKey'   => 'yourreadkey',
    'writeKey'  => 'yourwritekey'

note: You can find the project id and push API key in the control panel for you project if you log in here.

Adding it to your components array.

Pushing an event is as easy as:

$event = ['purchase' => ['item' => 'Golden Elephant']];
$keenReturn = Yii::$app->keen->addEvent('purchases', $event);

You can now use all the calls in the Keen PHP SDK this extension builds on

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