Yii 1.1: yii-git

Provides functions for manipulating git repositories


A Yii wrapper for the git command line executable. Allows access to git commands via a simple object oriented interface.


$repository = new AGitRepository;
$repository->path = "path/to/your/git/repo";
$repository->commit("Added some files");

More examples available on the github page


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schmunk at 2012/03/24 01:34pm
Yii Package Manager Proof-of-concept

Hi guys,

have a look here https://github.com/phundament/app for a Package Management PoC with composer.

Best regards, schmunk

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phpnode at 2012/03/23 05:04am
I abandoned it because composer is better

I think composer is a better choice for package management, so I abandoned the Yii Package Manager project, code is on github though: https://github.com/phpnode/Yii-Package-Manager

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evan108108 at 2012/03/22 08:13pm
Yii Package Manager

Did you make any progress with the Yii Package Manager? Even if you just have a skeleton I would like to contribute. I feel this is something Yii could really use.

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phpnode at 2012/03/22 10:33am
lots of use cases

Originally I wrote it as part of Yii Package Manager, but here's a few other use cases:

Time tracking / invoicing based on git commits Open source github or dropbox replacement Git backed wikis for versioning Versioning for uploaded files

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schmunk at 2012/03/22 10:26am
Looks interesting

I am just curious, what was/is your use case?

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