ExtJS MVC CRUD form generator

It is a small part of my complete project. PHPExtJS CRUD generator is a tool that we use to generate ExtJS MVC structure on the application. As in Gii, you can use this extension as usual. After creating a model Yii, you can generate ExtJS CRUD forms.


  • Yii 1.1 or above
  • PHP 5.3 or above


  • Extract the entension to your /protected/extensions folder
  • Add your gii configuration at main.php on Yii config folder
            'gii' => array(
                'class' => 'system.gii.GiiModule',
                'password' => 'Your gii password',
                'ipFilters' => array('', '::1'),
                'generatorPaths' => array(
                    'ext.phpextjs' // load phpextjs extension
  • Make sure that this folder must be set to writeable
    • protected/runtime
    • protected/controllers
    • protected/models
    • protected/views (optional)
    • assets
    • app
  • Access your gii as usual. eg : http://localhost/app/index.php/gii
  • Your gii tool, should be like this one Yii ExtJS CRDU Code Generator

  • Finnaly, you can generate ExtJS CRUD form like this sample sceenshot

Data Grid

ExtJS CRUD Sample Grid

Create Form

ExtJS CRUD Sample Create Form

Update Form

ExtJS CRUD Sample Update Form


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